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3-day pass - IV pool


3-day pass - IV pool
499 PLN
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4-day pass VIP


4-day pass VIP
799 PLN
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ONE DAY TICKET - 1ST day (2.06)

available till 1.06.2022 or until the ticket pool is sold out

ONE DAY TICKET - 1ST day (2.06)
299 PLN
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ONE DAY TICKET - 2ND day (3.06)

available till 2.06.2022 or until the ticket pool is sold out

ONE DAY TICKET - 2ND day (3.06)
299 PLN
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available till 3.06.2022 or until the ticket pool is sold out

299 PLN
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VIP ticket includes:

– a set of gadgets (an eco bag, a magnet, a collector’s poster)
– admission to three days of festival + Warm-Up Day (1.06)
– admission to the VIP zone
– a  bar with a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic  drinks 
– high-standard sanitary facilities 
– VIP platform by the Main Stage


Admission to the Warm Up Day (01/06/2022) is available to all holders of 3-day passes of 2020, 2021 and 2022 editions (including VIP) and those who have upgraded the 2020 and 2021 one-day tickets to the 3-day pass.



1. What is the Health Pass Ticket and what does it entitle me to?

The Health Pass Ticket (HPT) is a ticket for the holder of a valid EU Covid Certificate (UCC), which allows one to take part in the festival regardless of the current limitations for the audience. 

2. What is the EU Covid Certificate?

The EU Covid Certificate is a free document confirming the holder’s resistance to COVID-19. It is issued for everyone who was vaccinated, who recovered from COVID-19, and or who took a COVID-19 test (make sure to check the validity of the UCC received this way).

The UCC is valid in EU countries, including Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Lichtenstein.

3. Do I have to show my UCC when my Health Pass Ticket will be checked?

Yes. The HPT ticket is only valid with the UCC. Make sure to have your UCC – either as a QR code or a PDF file on a smartphone or a tablet – with you, as you’ll be entering the festival. 

4. Will the recent COVID-19 tests be required or accepted as an alternative to the UCC?
No. COVID-19 tests will not be required of ticket-holders, and they will not allow you to enter the festival. Only the Health Pass Ticket with a valid UCC will be accepted. 

5. Willi t be possible to take a rapid COVID-19 test at the festival?

No. It will not be possible to take a rapid COVID-19 test at the festival.

6. I bought a ticket  before the HPT was introduced. Should I exchange my ticket?

No. You don’t have to do anything.

7. I don’t have the UCC, but I have bought a ticket / I want to buy a ticket. Will I be allowed to enter the festival?

Yes, according to the current regulations, the area of the festival is large enough to accommodate all the current ticket-holders. Also, non-HPT tickets will still be sold (the pool will be available based on current regulations). However, we recommend that everyone receives COVID-19 vaccinations for the sake of their and their family’s safety. Vaccination may also turn out very useful in 2022, as it will provide access to travel and to cultural events in Poland and abroad.

8. Will the holders of Health Pass Tickets be obliged to stay in particular areas of the festival?

No, the holders of the HPT will be allowed to move freely around the festival area.

9. Will the holders of tickets from the general pool (non-HPT tickets) be obliged to stay in particular areas or will they be subjected to any restrictions?

Festival organizers do not plan to introduce any additional restrictions for the holders of tickets from the general pool (non-HPT tickets). Possible recommendations (like face-masks) will be implemented depending on the current legal situation.

10. I have a valid UCC at the moment of the purchase of a ticket, but it’s validity expires before the festival. Which ticket should I buy?
Without a valid UCC, one cannot enter the festival as a HPT holder. Please, make sure to plan your booster vaccination shot before the festival, or buy a ticket from the general pool.

11. I was vaccinated recently and my UCC will become active only after the festival. Which ticket should I buy? 

Everyone who will not have a valid UCC, should buy a general pool ticket  or plan their booster vaccination shot before the festival.

12. Will the HPT tickets or general pool tickets be available at the festival?
Mystic Festival is a closed event with a dozen thousand participants. Both pools may run out, so you will only have complete certainty that you will be able to take part in the festival by purchasing presale tickets.


The new dates of the festival are 2-4 June (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday). The festival will take place in the Gdańsk shipyard.

On June 1st, we’ll organize Warm-Up Day with special concerts and many other attractions. The number of tickets for Warm-Up Day will be strictly limited. More details on the event and the line-up will be published soon.

Ticket holders for Mystic Festival 2020 and 2021 will be entitled to take part in Warm-Up Day without any additional fees. All your tickets remain valid and they become 4-day tickets, which do not need to be updated. This concerns also the holders of the upgraded 1-day tickets. 

A strictly limited number of 4-day tickets (with access to Warm Up Day) will be available at the special price of 479 PLN until 23rd December 2021 or until the ticket pool is sold out.

1-day tickets may be upgraded to 4-day tickets for the special price of 200 PLN until 23rd December or until the ticket pool is sold out.

Everyone who keeps their tickets from 2020 or 2021 (this also concerns those who upgraded their 1-day tickets) apart from access to Warm Up Day will receive a special, limited CD with recordings of Mystic Festival artists. This CD will never be available in the general purchase.

Payment and delivery

Payments are settled by Dotpay. Tickets are delivered by Poczta Polska

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